3rd October, 2017

The Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris is one of the most beautiful parks in the city all year long. Each season jardins offers it`s own colors and stories and activities for little and big ones as well.

Last week we decided to have an early autumn breakfast there with the kids, enjoying  the changing colors of the trees in the front of the French Senate.

In the front of the palace is the Grand Basin where little ones can rent model boats and sail them on the water. What a happiness is this typical french tradition for kids! All around the parks many people are enjoying picnics,snacks, card games or they are kicked back with a book in their hands.

No surprise it`s a place where Victor Hugo created a love story between Marius Pontmercy and Cosette in his novel Les Miserables.

Do not forget this amazing part of Paris – come and enjoy! No matter of a day or season, you gonna find it relaxing and so french.