16th October, 2017
21st August, 2017

Paris, finally we are back!

After endless hours at the airports and even much more in the sky,

Amazing sunsets in the South as well as in the North of Europe,

Attending traditional wedding ceremony and lovely Family gathering,

Seeing clear blue water and wild red forest fire,

Being 2500m up in Alps and visiting the Europe`s most beautiful river canyon.

RESUME: 6 weeks of amazing  head-turning and heart-pulsing adventure;

Merci L`ÈTE!


26th June, 2017

Well, at the very last night of our trip, Linda took us to a very special place.

I couln`t wish to have a more luxury view of Manhattan. It was magical.

Dear Chart House,I`m coming back….. very, very soon

26th June, 2017

Good morning Ligo morning!

I met these beautiful latvian babes for a little celebration shoot au pied de la Tour Eiffel to make a sweet memories of this great year Marta stayed in the City of Love. Isn`t she so french? Such a cutie..

And my lovely, gifted girl Kristinka, hope it won`t be your last Ligo matin in Paris.. as Sam Smith sang STAY WITH ME (hihi)

11th June, 2017