16th September, 2015

This early September morning I spent with my dear friend Kristine. The talented young lady, the fashion student who became a close friend for me since the first day I met her here in Paris. She is like a big breath of  fresh air, so natural, so positive, cherish and lovely. A truly good friend. We do not stop to discover new places and faces together, we are spending hours of conversations and we always finish our rendez-vous with thousands of great emotions. This sunny morning was not exception. And there`s a lot more coming since we both chose Paris to be our home.

30th May, 2015

We spent our evening and had a dinner in this oh-so-french-look-a-like-village called Honfleur. Honfleur is situated on the Seine estuary, which is perfect picture postcard. It has been busy touristic place all year round, but still has so much charm and character.

We came over to visit it first time since we are married, and sure, it is still so romantic and special, as it was five years ago, when we came here just at the beginning of our relationship. Read: it means without the wishes of the kids ( to ride the double-decker carousel again and again and again without and even with parents on their sides, or to have pasta for dinner when we are in fishermen paradise with a practically every single restaurants menu of seafood only). Here, Le Vieux Bassin, the buildings are picturesque with excellent backdrop to the sailing boats. The changing light on the Seine estuary inspired many Impressionists  as Courbet, Monet, Boudin and many others. This lovely little port definitely makes Honfleur the most stunning coastal town in Normandy.

27th May, 2015

As the looong weekend arrived, we had no doubts – we are going to go to Normandy. As it has been truly loved region to spend their weekend for Parisians, we were between those hundreds (or even thousands who decided to spend this beautiful le fin du printemps in this Northern Pearl of France. I am going to share a few photo series of our fabulous weekend.

27th May, 2015

My Normandie Stories Collection starts with our first stop this weekend – Etretat. This Town is a paradise for surfers and fishermen, also people as me – beautiful spot catchers, painters and inspiration lovers. It was a very special place to Claude Monet. Just take a look at Bateaux de peche, Etretat, la parte d’Aval paintings, they speak themselves.

Etretat is famous with it’s cliffs. This time we did not explored Amont cliff (the cause of our little bundle of joy who did not want to leave his pram), but we walked all way long of the Perrey where we enjoyed a magical view up to the Chapelle de la Garde. After that we stroll around the village where we loved the ambiance of the Pays de Caux and we stopped for a delicious lunch with local cider, goat cheese from well-known Normandy farm and seafood goodies. What a great, windy, nammmy and lovely start of our weekend-trip!

27th May, 2015

Sometimes it really gets hard for my family to wait mommy/wife, when she (I) will stop making a photos. I get so excited and inspired of all the things around me, so I just can NOT stop making these moments to live eternal with the help of my camera. Here was one of these moments..