27th April, 2017
24th April, 2017

A delightful parc visit and perfect promenade last Sunday with my dearests

19th March, 2017

The best way to escape dark and grey Parisian winter is to go to a place where`s summer.

This year we did it more than often and one of the destination was a very welcome and sunny Portugal. Plus our Papa Noel this year was speaking in portuguese and plus our oh holy night was replaced with feliz navidad

The one word of resume – fun

13th March, 2017

Dreamin` its free,

so I found this little goldish-pinkish mansion to call my paradise this Saturday. It`s  situated in the greatest Domaine of Versailles and it is all I can dream of:

 Trianon de porcelaine offers so many details, shades and forms to adore, so it`s not a question - Le Grand Trianon IS the most refined architectural ensemble I have ever seen.

I`ll be back soon to discover the apartments of the Peristyle masterpiece.


4th March, 2017

I love the Kingdom of Morocco!

It was our second time in this Maghreb country choosing to celebrate summer and mini-dresses in the middle of European winter.

Marrakesh welcomed us with the country’s superb Mediterranean climate letting us to swim under the clear-blue sky having the oh-my-vocabulary-it`s-too-poor-to-call cocktails next to the turquoise pool.

I knew why we were going there and one of the reasons was to get lost in La place Jemaa el-Fna. (thanks God, we didn`t take our little boys with us, it would be too extreme)

I wanted to live again this Arabic bazaar discovering tons of colors, styles, forms, laces, leathers, tastes, smells and not-smells, ha, dancers, snake charmers, salesmen, at the end – everything you can imagine to get tourist attention. And yeah, it works…

Spending few hours in this market place, I feel like I lived few years more of my life, experiencing all this richness of the history, cuisine and culture of Maroc.

لله، الوطن، الملك