16th January, 2017

We visited this town on Christmas day as a second dessert after beautiful family dinner the night before and it was  truly sweet with it`s Old Town, Oura and Santa Eulalia, sandy and stunning beaches as well as delicious smoothies in a range of exotic flavours to choose from, ranging from Strawberry to Banana to Passionfruit and more. Very friendly and English-kind-of atmosphere with Savoir-vivre à la Portugeese.

Albufeira is well known as Algarve`s Party Hotspot, so next time we`ll dress up and will come back after pink-ish sunset..  

21st November, 2016

Promenading alongside the ocean and enjoying the early birds jogging and catching the first sun rays in the morning, we discovered this romantic and historical five star hotel chateau des Tourelles. I wish my next visit to Bretagne will start with bubble drink up on my suit with ocean view in this gorgeous establishment.. Chin!

17th November, 2016

It was our second night at oceanside, when we experienced this natural beauty what literally took our breaths away. The power and depth of the shades coloring the water and beach, was unbelievable. We spent hours walking alongside to keep the best memories of this precious evening and time together.

14th November, 2016

Life is like a box of Chocolates and Holidays are sweet like this Tarte au Citron Meringuee.

It`s soo good and never enough 🙂

11th November, 2016

One evening in the late Spring I got lost in the Internet Jungle for few hours when I discovered the place in Italian Riviera called Cinque Terre. I was keeping the idea to visit this paradise on my mind till my husband invited me to discover this coast this Summer.

I always believed the power of our thoughts, from the moment I read famous Secret till one day I woke up living in Paris with the most loving husband and two baby-angels. And this was the point – it happened again. I learned about this “one of the most romantic place on the Earth”, I was dreaming of getting there and few months after we all were climbing up the hills, eating the best gelato ever and loving each other more and more every second.

So – dream BIG! (and do not forget to include Cinque Terre in your dreams:))