9th November, 2016

This restaurant we had lunch at, has the best location ever. Placed  on the beach with trendy music list, breathtaking sunset light and a great outdoor seating, offers a real buzz ambiance and a non-forgettable experience. Life`s really better on the beach!

8th November, 2016

After visiting LÒrangerie in Paris on late September I had a wish to go and discover Maison et Jardins de Claude Monet. And if there`s something somewhere to make your dreams come true, it`s my husband. Few weeks later we were walking in the stunning artist gardens and his charming country house in Giverny. This place, once owned by Father of Impressionism, is really inspiring, colorful and breathtaking as his Water Lilies in Parisian museum. Inspire and be Inspired!

6th November, 2016

Traveling to Milano was very quick decision just to change the air and eat gelato. As well as decision about our accommodation. As we are the family who loves space, what allows us to dance, play and have a fun, it was a lovely surprise to discover this new chaine of hotels with hotel rooms including salon or living room and bedroom separately. Decorated modern with great little jardin in the middle of Fifty House, it offers you a great shopping just few blocks away with a fabulous Duomo in the neighborhood. Hey, there`s nothing to do with Fifty Shades of G, honey!

4th November, 2016

This year we spent Halloween week-end at Atlantic coast. Driving around sunshine beaches we discovered the place what could literally be use as the location of the Hollywood movie with name – At the End of The World or Au Bout du Monde en francais.

Beautiful and Pure…

3rd November, 2016

My hocus pocus of one warm summer night a la francaise